Transcendence and Inner Liberation session

During this Grand Passage of deep Transformation on the planet, on the personal and collective levels can be/feel super challenging and chaotic due to the dismantlement of the old orders, structures and the revelations of the restricted, separated ego-identity ways of living, co-existing, co-creating with others.

Victoria’s approach to your Experiential Transcendence and Empowerment during the session is through the principles of Qunatum Consciousness and Vibrational Architecture signature system. 

You can find out about Victoria’s work and journey by clicking here!

The human aspect is going through ‘inner deaths’ and we need to become as Awareness the caring, mature and stable parent. Life presents us/you ‘invitations’ for True Inner Liberation, Full Awakening from the Maya Illusory Dream. During the session together we dive deep into how uniquely you can support and activate that innate wisdom and clarity around all these ‘invitations’=challenges in order to ‘IGNITE’, DISCOVER YOUR TRUE BEING and BECOME YOUR ELIXIR for Life!

During the session – the nature of approach is through Direct Higher Seeing, Quantum-Perspective of You as a Unique Expression of Infinite Awareness and not a separated part of the Matrix game. This is A Natural Way to be uplifted, empowered by receiving inner explanations/revelations and clarity for your human aspect, the one that is here to go through the experience of transcendence.

In that joined field, whatever is truly necessary and wise for you to see and realize arise and you can sense how natural your I Am Presence is.

We ‘cut roads’ -as it seems, but it is just because we used to see just from our ego-identity eyes- we go to the Higher Top of our Existence and we see through detached perception – a Non Dual Existence as we are in our core. Here you feel your Clarity!

What to expect in One-on-One :

  • Private, confidential presence, support and guidance
  • Empowerment, insights, clarity and practical tools for any needed in that moment area in your life
  • Guidance for your unique journey of self-realization, self-empowerment
  • Your session is open for whatever is needed for you to explore and that which troubles you
  • A Practical-Active Empowerment is always an important aspect during our session together, that’s why -most of the times depending on the case-, the session include,  an activation, specific pointing-reminder/ meditation for you to  further practice-engage with the energy field of the wisdom that was revealed to you during our time together.
  • Meditation & Activation may include Light Singing -Toning, Quantum Vibrational Architecture Releasing, Cosmic Consciousness Ascension Deck reading, Breath-work, Bodywork

    Soul Sharing-Testimonial
    There is a saying that goes “when the student is ready, the teacher will appear!”  This is exactly what happened to me and my connection to Anagenis family and the beloved, bright and enlightened Victoria!!!I felt things, I felt and witnessed my awakening, but everything was all mixed up inside me and I didn’t have the awareness to distinguish and see clearly. My journey with Victoria was, is and will be, a magical journey of discovering the Self, acknowledging the Existence and connecting to the Soul!!!!!

    All this would not have been the same if the teacher wasn’t Victoria!!! This magical being with this incredible power of soul that she shares with everyone abundantly and with simplicity!!!! She is there before everyone for everyone!!!! She has a power and a kind of clarity that keeps her constantly evolving and expanding without ‘acting’ as the teacher!!

    Because she simply IS!!!!! She has a deep awareness of suitability and response. She is deeply aware of when to hold your hand and when to let you find out things on your own!!! She has generosity of soul and a great ability in transmission. All these make her a truly Enlightened Teacher!!!!!! There is no trace of egoic self in her and she has the trait that makes the right teacher stand out!!! She absolutely rejoices everyone’s progress!!!

    I feel proud to be a member of this family, in my spirituality I feel the expansion of finding my companions once again!!!!!

    Victoria I am deeply grateful for always and forever!!!!
    Semeli Parali

Duration of On Line session: 90 min

Cost: 200 euros

Hosted by Skype or Zoom platform.

The session is recorded and sent to you via email -in mp4 format- for repeat viewing and immersion of the session material. The meditation given during the session will provide a necessary physical time -over 14 days- for embodiment and next level inner guidance. 

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