Meet Victoria Karipidis

The Embodiement of Sovereignty and SelfMastery is ONE Conscious Decision away from victimazation. This first Initiation must go along with a STRONG DESIRE for freedom and to live life to the to the fullest while ALIVE!

WE are Source in every atom of our Beingness living a human experience. All is Needed is to Look Within and then trust and enjoy the unique unfoldment – the process/journey=LIFE.


Who Am I? In Essence – I Am Awareness and in this Physical Form I Am An Expression of that Awareness Source Being …AS WE ALL ARE!

 Why Am I here?

5/1 Emo Manifestor in HD– here to Initiate, Impact by Holding Space for New Revelations, New Innovative Effective Beginnings for this GRAND TRANSITION OF TRANSCENDENCE and SELF-REALIZATION.

My focus and main support for You:


Victoria is the Initiator/Manifestor of the Online School of Macro – Quantum Consciousness “ANAGENIS” in Greece since 2012. Quantum Consciousness Investigator, a Guide to SelRealization, to Self Discovery implementing the  Human Design wisdom and the -Vibrational Architecture- harmonization signature system.

She is described as –  Radical Activative Force of Innovation and Transcendence in  the filed of Human Consciousness Expansion, the Body-vehicle Empowerment and the tangible Experiential Self-Illumination, Self-Discovery!

She only shares what is applied and gone through her own experience!

Certified Quantum Mentor by  Macro and Quantum Consciousness Academy of Russia. Certified Level 2 Quantum Human Design Specialist by ™ © Karen Curry Parker. Certified Kundalini Technology Yoga teacher by Gloria Latham.

The synthesis of her studies, in depth investigations and experiences in Macro-Quantum Consciousness, Quantum DNA, Light Language, Kundalini Technology, Human Design Studies over the past 17 years -10 years of which are conducting Master Classes, Group And Personal Mentoring Programs, Teaching/supporting Souls on their path of Awakening- and desire to realize their Harmonic Reality has lately led her to create and offer the Quantum Vibrational Architecture Platform along with the Science of Human Design and Group Mentoring!

Her work is primarily focused on supporting people with the Conscious Exodus from self-victimization and scarcity consciousness to the Resurgence/Ignation of Self-Sovereignty by mastering the Divine Consciousness of Prosperity co-creating deliberately and masterfully with the Universal Laws of Vibration and Magnetism!

Some of the key elements of Victoria’s service focus on:

  • Self-Recognition of Our True Nature, Self-Realization and Self-Fulfillment of Our Human Uniqueness manifesting Harmonious Prosperous Reality
  • Τhe Body Vehicle (emotional – mental – physical bodies) Empowerment during the process of Self-Realization utilizing the Individual Bodygraph through the Human Design system

  • The Understanding the Shifting Power of the Quantum Nature of Consciousness & the Effortless Manifestation Mechanisms

“What we are looking for is where we are looking from.”― St. Francis of Assisi

We are Source/Spirit/Infinity in our every cell.

Let’s discover that TRUTH not just as an abstract idea or theory but the ONLY TRUTH THAT COULD EVER EXISTED – EXIST – AND ALWAYS WILL BE.

When all the -HOWS OF- creating the suffering is deeply seen and understood – Then it is much easier to DROP- TRANSCEND !!!!THAT!!!! WHICH DOES CREATE IT!!!!!!!!!!

Then what naturally unfolding in ones life is the Graceful Harmonious Expressions of Cosmic Desires and the Aligned Alive Reality of Unconditional Joy, Love and Abundance.

Soul Sharing-Testimonial
There is a saying that goes “when the student is ready, the teacher will appear!”  This is exactly what happened to me and my connection to Anagenis family and the beloved, bright and enlightened Victoria!!!I felt things, I felt and witnessed my awakening, but everything was all mixed up inside me and I didn’t have the awareness to distinguish and see clearly. My journey with Victoria was, is and will be, a magical journey of discovering the Self, acknowledging the Existence and connecting to the Soul!!!!!

All this would not have been the same if the teacher wasn’t Victoria!!! This magical being with this incredible power of soul that she shares with everyone abundantly and with simplicity!!!! She is there before everyone for everyone!!!! She has a power and a kind of clarity that keeps her constantly evolving and expanding without ‘acting’ as the teacher!!

Because she simply IS!!!!! She has a deep awareness of suitability and response. She is deeply aware of when to hold your hand and when to let you find out things on your own!!! She has generosity of soul and a great ability in transmission. All these make her a truly Enlightened Teacher!!!!!! There is no trace of egoic self in her and she has the trait that makes the right teacher stand out!!! She absolutely rejoices everyone’s progress!!!

I feel proud to be a member of this family, in my spirituality I feel the expansion of finding my companions once again!!!!!

Victoria I am deeply grateful for always and forever!!!!
Semeli Parali

Here is how I can Support/Assist you:

Empowering your Human Aspect, enabling your Self Realization anchoring your Highest Potential – Harmonious Reality.

Human Design Analysis – You Are Unique! click here

Transcendence and Inner Liberation session!  click here

~Vibrational Architecture – Quantum Mentoring~  5 month online or in person program. Ask for details.

45 Day UPGRADE – online program. Ask for details. 

~ Quantum Upgrade –  Full Awakening~ book me for your Special Group Retreat. Ask for details.